Monday, July 17, 2006

Kaylana your eye's say it all

"Kaylana is an amazing dog that was given up to the animal shelter at 14 years old riddled with cancer. She had a hard life with uncaring parents. She was unwanted and unloved until Jean Peters at Wags dog day care took her in and gave her a home of love and a safe place to live out her life. Kaylana loves the water so we took her Sunday to the beach at the dog park. She was able to walk part of the way but we had a wagon to help her make it the rest. She has had a hard life but she excepts life for what it is. Kaylana lives each day for the moment with no complaints. She is a sweetheart. We all have become very attached to her..And there is no shortage of love in Kaylana's life anymore..
This photo I feel captures her spirit...her pain but her kindness as well".
ron henry

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